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4 Jun

SMOMA & Agnes Monica Sounds from Indonesia


During our trips, Sound is one of the senses we always look for. In Indonesia, I did discover Agnes Monica and SMOMA.  Agnes is a popstar in Indonesia. She sings in her native language, but the sound of her songs  are so international!  I took home two CDs, that I play at home when I want to dance. Try this one. ‘Agnes is my Name’.

SMOMA do play Jazz, a rythm that fits perfectly in the cool atmosphere of Bali’s night cafés.

Authentic Jazz and Pop sound from Indonesia; easy to listen, nice to remember.

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Francesca, Italian, born in Milan, living between Milan and London, design lover, food passionate, because for Italians food is not only food, traveller and explorer. It all began with SoFarSoNear, the company I did found with Luca to pursue an idea. 6 senses is our new adventure, because me and Luca are passionate explorers of this world!

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