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7 Jun

France, Vars Breathtaking Views & the Sound of Silence

Situated in Vars, a ski resort at the border with the Hautes Alpes and High Provence in the Southern Alps, this small resort called Nevalhaia conveys a cosy and intimate atmosphere.

Opened since February 2015, it features five suites with breathtaking views on the mountains, a living room with large dinner table for guests, sitting room with fireplace and a relaxation area with spa and sauna.

The state-of-the art interiors combine raw concrete, larch wood, warm materials, furnishings and designer accessories which create a welcoming and very comfortable living space.

We did spend in Vars a long week-end in summer. The weather was warm and sunny during the days, chilly in the evening. The surroundings are beautiful, so does the food!

A typical dish from Champsaur are the tourtons,  fried ravioli filled with potatoes, cheese and vegetables (onions, spinach). We did discover them in a small bistrot in a village of the Val d’Escreins, where we took a rest during the day. To taste them sitting on a wooden bench under the sun it’s the best.

The Val d’Escreins is a natural resort, with a beautiful landscape, featuring green fields, rivers and lakes, surrounded by the mountains. A place to visit is the Chalet-Refuge de Basse Rua. You can spend a night in a veritable Indian teepee under the star, an experience we won’t miss during our next visit.

Late afternoon we did relax in the SPA of our resort and for dinner we chose a typical restaurant offering home-made food, the Réfuge Napoléon.

The Refuge is named after Napoleon and was built in 1855 according to his will. The emperor granted a refund for the provinces that were hardest hit by the War. A posthumous way to thank those provinces for hosting the emperor after his return from Elba Island.

As a biker myself, I find that Vars is the ideal spot for a summer trip! In Vars, all you feel is the sound of silence, all you sense is the nature around you. With style.

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Luca, Italian, born in Milan, living between Milan and London, design lover, food passionate, because for Italians food is not only food, traveller and explorer. Together with Francesca I did found SoFarSoNear to pursue an idea and collect experiences.

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