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1 Jun

Germany, Frankfurt Tradition Zu den 3 Steubern


Frankfurt’s old town, many small houses, typical German style, stonework and wood buildings, an ancient atmosphere unfortunately replaced by small cheap hotels and nightclubs … but to walk in the streets at dinner time is pleasant, the nightclubs are still closed … the streets are quiet, in January, the cold is biting and you want to find a warm place to stay, get pampered by one of the many suggestions for dinner that seems inviting.

This is what has happened to us. Almost convinced to enter in one of the many restaurants “stube” a-like …. “No, do not go in that restaurant, it’s not for you, come, turn just the corner, you come where I am going” This is what we were told by a young man that looks typical German … At the end, we did enter. We discovered a world. The time did stop, we were the only foreigners. All the guests were Germans, around 70s. We saw two free seats on a bench at the table of just ladies. The husbands were sitting in the table next. We had a lot of fun, Helga the lady in front of us attended the local since she was 6 years old. They did suggest us the traditional dishes, also the innkeeper who at first was rather raw with us, was conquered by our smile and by the happiness of the guests.

We did enjoy a fantastic evening of stories, jokes, laughters and wonderful food, like 'Rippchen mit Kraut' and 'Handkase mit Musik' and 'Apfelwein'. Yes, because the restaurant does not serve beer, only true Apfelwein from Sachsenhausen. A hidden place, a true family atmosphere, a place that does not like crowds of tourists ... simply avoiding them.

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Luca, Italian, born in Milan, living between Milan and London, design lover, food passionate, because for Italians food is not only food, traveller and explorer. Together with Francesca I did found SoFarSoNear to pursue an idea and collect experiences.

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