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8 Jun

Nepal, Phewa Lake Views of Annapurna from Fish Tail Lodge

Phewa Lake

Some years ago, we were invited to Nepal for a mission organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan. The scope of the mission was to promote business relations with Italian companies and Nepalese Fair Trade Associations.

Our company, SoFarSoNear, was actively promoting high end design developed according to fair trade principles and during our trip we did found some of the most charming and skilfull people, that could suit our needs.   Artisans dying and weaving fabrics and others mastering the ancient techniques of felt making, that deserve a dedicated post. The whole Nepalese experience was extraordinary. We were lucky enough to get access to everyday life in areas that were not touched by tourists, learning about Nepalese culture, habits and food.

One of the place we visited was Pokhara, a town located in a valley 200km far from Kathmandu. From Pokhara you can reach the Annapurna range of Himalaya’s that features three out of the ten highest mountains in the world, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna I and Manaslu

After visiting Pokhara and their friendly people, we did travel to the Phewa Lake.

Phewa Lake is a freshwater lake located in Pokhara. We did spend the night at the Fish Tail LodgeStill today I cannot forget it. 

The lodge is nestled on the lake and you can reach it only by boat.

The place is amazing, crystal waters, green all around. Early morning, you open your eyes and you see the Himalaya with their imposing peaks reflecting into the water. 

After our arrival at the lodge, we did take a small rowing boat to glide on the waters and relax. 

A vision I will never forget. The contrast between the giant peaks of Annapurna and the quiet waters of the lake.

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Francesca, Italian, born in Milan, living between Milan and London, design lover, food passionate, because for Italians food is not only food, traveller and explorer. It all began with SoFarSoNear, the company I did found with Luca to pursue an idea. 6 senses is our new adventure, because me and Luca are passionate explorers of this world!

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